Tk Kennedy, 20, from Dorset UK has opened up about MRKH and starting dilation therapy in her recent article with The Daily Mail.  The article shares some insights into her journey, albeit with some artistic license from the journalist, but serves as a fantastic and far reaching opportunity to to talk about what MRKH is and the impact it can have.  Tk is co-Director of MRKH Stars a group bringing the younger MRKH community together by providing comfort and support at a time when these 4 letters can feel so overwhelming.

Still processing the condition herself this is a such a brave and courageous thing to do and we are always very proud to see our young community taking initiative, in a way that works for them, to raise awareness and be able to be a figure of courage to those newly diagnosed who are often seeking to know if it will ever “be ok”.

Well done Tk, we are very proud of you.

You can read her article here