‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’

Our Trustee board provide MRKH Connect with knowledge and first hand experience of life with MRKH, medical understanding and information, communication skills and enthusiasm.

We are all here for you and the community. Contact us with your feedback, comments, questions and / or suggestions.

Charlotte Bishop
Charlotte BishopDirector
Charlie has been part of the MRKH Connect family since 2017 and took over as Director in 2019.

She was diagnosed with MRKH at 17. She is a geoscientist with an analytical brain and works as a project manager interpreting satellite imagery.

Her passion for a number of years has been to help support the community which has helped her, by helping others. She started to write a public blog 5 years ago more for herself but also, she hopes, as a useful resource for the public and community.

Hasna Khanam
Hasna KhanamTrustee
Finding out at age 18 that she was ‘different’, Hasna was in her late thirties before she learned of MRKH as a condition and she received a formal diagnosis for MRKH in 2015.

Hasna is a British Bangladeshi Muslim woman and a passionate voice for those who come from cultures where women born with MRKH are too often shamed into silence as she once was. She never wants anyone to feel like she did.

She created the ‘MRKH Muslim Sisters Group’ on Facebook and works towards improving perceptions and reducing stigma across cultural taboos related to MRKH.

Dr Michelle Lipton
Dr Michelle LiptonTrustee
Michelle is a Clinical Psychologist at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, London where she provides psychological therapy to women with a diagnosis of MRKH regardless of where they are in their diagnosis journey.

Her professional experience working with those with MRKH, both through one to one therapy or group therapy sessions, brings so much value to the MRKH Connect team.

Adrienne Bishop
Adrienne BishopTrustee
Having a mum on the team was really important.

Charlie’s mum provides an objective view and different insight, providing balance to the team. Her input has also been very helpful in compiling the public resources based on what she wished had been available when Charlie was diagnosed.

Shelley Saxby
Shelley SaxbyTrustee
Best friend and confidant to Charlie for over 30 years, Shelley brings design and creativity to the team along with experience garnered from her own fertility challenges through suffering with PCOS and her own journey through IVF.
Alistair Maclenan
Alistair MaclenanTrustee
Alistair brings a wealth of marketing and public relations experience, knowledge and ideas to MRKH Connect, whilst also providing an important male perspective as a friend and father.