‘By sharing we gain strength, support and clarity’

Connect LIVE 2023 was an in-person community led event, featuring speakers sharing MRKH lived experiences, international presentations, and panel discussions in London, UK. Inspired by our MRKH Connect with Friends events, this event, our first in person, was an opportunity to come together to connect, learn and laugh in an informative peer led environment.  We are happy to be able to share some of the presentations from this event, please remember these were recorded live and so sound and recording quality varies in some cases.  We can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Speaker Program

Stacey is a poet and MRKH advocate. In May 2021 Stacey launched @womblessandworthy. The world tells you this is what a woman’s body is supposed to do and this is how a woman’s body is supposed to do it. Her goal is to use poetry to inspire and share a message that remind others that are apart of the MRKH and infertility community that they still have a purpose and their body still has a purpose.  Bringing our global community together is something so powerful, which truly demonstrates the MRKH global footprint

Ellamae is a true powerhouse in the MRKH community she is an artist, host, advocate, project manager, community leader and creative. She is the founder of the global MRKH Podcast, events and awareness platform @mindovermrkh. The owner and sole curator of body normalising community brand @vavawomb_ and cocreator of The Vagina Festival @vaginafest. By day she pursues her career in building safety but by night she is passionate about pleasure, self exploration and packs a punch in stigma shaking. She continually aims to be the voice for the voiceless and most importantly she is the woman she needed when she was a girl.

Aysha is an MRKH advocate, in 2020, she was invited to speak on a new podcast called Her Story Inspires, which was all about women sharing their inspirational stories to inspire others. This was a turning point for Aysha and from that point she finally found her confidence and voice. She then started writing blogs for different peer groups to share her experiences and help others realise that they are not alone. This talk is inspired by her experiences and how her cultural heritage has impacted how she has been able to move towards acceptance with MRKH.