“The most moving TV moment of the year: Race Across The World viewers in tears” – @dailymail

“During Wednesday night’s episode, contestant James broke down after his ‘brave’ sister Betty opened up about her health battle which left her ‘without a womb’.

Betty, 25, discussed her condition, known as MRKH, and revealed to viewers she discovered age 16 she did not have a uterus, womb and only has one kidney.

During a particularly candid conversation, Betty confided in James about how living with MRKH has affected her and the way she sees the world.

Speaking to the camera after their conversation, James broke down and asked the cameraman for a hug as he admitted he had no idea his sister felt that way.”

Betty, you’ve made the MRKH community incredibly proud. Your raw honesty, demonstration of a heartfelt disclosure and upmost vulnerability is everything we hope a person diagnosed with MRKH will experience… bit by bit. 🩷

On behalf of MRKH Connect, @bettymuk_ thank you.

Telling the world about MRKH isn’t a prerequisite for courage, but edging towards a kinder and more open world when it comes to sharing difference is ABSOLUTELY everything. ✨

Today, we’re smiling (and crying). 💜

Check out Race Across the World for yourself on BBC now or through BBC iPlayer. Betty’s disclosure is in the current season (4) Episode 6.