Fight For Surrogacy! has been launched as a campaign for equal access to fertility funding for any individual who needs it regardless of if surrogacy is the eventual route to parenthood.   Spearheaded by Va Va Womb and MRKH Connect this campaign brings together charities, organisations, individuals and medical professionals who are fighting for fairer access to all.

We were previously Equal Infertility and we have now relaunched as FFS, Fight For Surrogacy because…FFS! Fertility Funding for Surrogacy should be fair and equally accessible.

Infertility conditions should not be a discriminatory factor.

ICBs in the UK are refusing any assisted conception funding when the end result of having a baby is via a surrogate due to “legal” and “ethical” reasons (which we have responded to in our upcoming petition) even though this shouldn’t even be a reason when funding is only being sought for the fertility treatment itself.  Fertility treatment includes IVF as well as fertility preservation such as egg freezing.

Surrogacy is recognised as a legal route to parenthood and given it has governance, why can’t the funding follow suit?

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