On 16th June our Director Charlie was invited to present a webinar for Fertility Network’s webinar series to raise awareness for MRKH her experiences and what MRKH means for those wishing to start a family.  Charlie speaks openly and candidly about her own experiences and how support, however you come by it, is so important when you are feeling alone and a little lost following diagnosis.  This is exactly why MRKH Connect is here.

This informative webinar covers the following:

  • What is MRKH?
  • Charlie’s story
  • Support and why it is important
  • Deciding whether to have children or not – what are the options?
  • MRKH Community & MRKH Connect

Talking about the webinar Charlie says ‘I am still disheartened that so few people know of a condition that in principle is rare but not that rare.  It makes finding much needed support even harder.  This was such a great opportunity to raise some awareness through advocacy of MRKH and what we do at MRKH Connect and the value of relationships and collaborations with organisations such as Fertility Network’

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