The MRKH Connect team knows all about the negative impact of the pandemic.

We have all been affected in some way and so, to try and make a positive contribution, we have launched an open-ended multimedia series to capture the diversity of our experiences (both positive and negative) that will shine a light on how lockdown has shaped our community.

Consider the following questions:

  • Have you had a treatment or hospital appointment cancelled or postponed?
  • How have you felt during this time of lockdown?
  • Has being in lockdown changed how you feel about MRKH?
  • Has lockdown given you a new focus or have you started to pursue a new path?
  • Has lockdown lead you to new opportunities?
  • Has it given you more time with family in a way you didn’t have before?

If you would like to share your thoughts or experiences then send us either a:

1. 1 minute video clip
2. 1 minute sound bite
3. 500 word blog post
4. Poem
5. Or, any other media you can think of!

This series – called ‘MRKH and Lockdown’ – will be posted on our website ( and social media.

We know sharing isn’t always easy and sharing anonymously or using a pseudonym is no problem. There is no judgement.

Please use the Contact Form on the MRKH Website to find out more or submit your piece or check out our campaigns page to view the series so far.