Date: 23rd June 2024
Time and Venue: 13:30 – 17:00 at Regents Park, London, UK

Our amazing friends over at Mind over MRKH and Va Va Womb are back with the annual MRKH summer picnic!

Find the details of the event below and MRKH Connect are proud to be able to offer Travel support to any MRKHer coming who needs it, so please do follow the link to learn more or get in touch with us.

Details about the event:

Meeting point by the Public toilet area of Regent’s Park then a “live” location pin will be shared to the WhatsApp group (don’t worry if you are not yet a member!), so do come and join us in there and we will be sending the exact spot near-ish the toilets on the day.

If you have never met anyone with MRKH before, check out other organisations for upcoming events –  on the 22/07 @mrkhconnect are bringing their virtual events to life at MRKH Connect Live host many other , also check out pages like @mrkhstars where you can find an MRKH buddy to talk to should you need a bit of extra support!

  • Email if you want to join our  Whatsapp Group (include your name, age diagnosed and a bit about you so we can keep our community safe)
  • Event for people of all ages with MRKH syndrome
  • Bring your own food/drinks
  • Bring something to sit on (if you want, we are sure there will be larger blankets to share!)
  • Bring anyone you want to support you (family, a friend, children and pets welcome!

Contact Va Va Womb to register or find the link in the WhatsApp group (if you are already a member)