Let’s Connect was launched in April 2020 to raise awareness of MRKH by sharing real voices and experiences of those living and breathing it everyday and shine a light on a brave and courageous community that is often fearless strong and outspoken as well as shy, lacking confidence and grieving.

The aim was to get the community talking and sharing which is exactly what MRKH Connect is here to help facilitate whilst also raising awareness of MRKH wherever you are in your journey and providing other with the condition, your friends, family and the public a rare insight into what it’s like to have MRKH and how positivity can come from a negative.

Presented as short compilation audio clips (or sound bites) our diverse group each week, for 10 weeks, shared their very personal, often emotional, responses to a series of questions covering Diagnosis, First year experiences, Experience of Treatment, Seeking help and support, Sharing with others, Future plans and everything in between.

This is the first phase of Let’s Connect.  A program that will continue and expand through the medium of blogs and expanded interviews on our new site and just a taster of what is to come but we were so overwhelmed by the emotive and powerful responses we ended up compiling more clips together than we originally planned and now have an incredible open resource for the community and the public in easily digestible audio files.

We want to thank all of the brave and courageous women who were involved, who shared so openly for themselves and for the community and you the listener, for sharing, commenting and helping us bring attention to the realness of MRKH in a way not seen before.