Infertility is hard.

It’s hard to process and it’s hard to explain to others what that feels like.

It’s emotional, traumatic and importantly, so personal.

It’s not something we often want to talk about, or revisit.

Wherever your journey takes you, it’s likely to be a roller coaster.

Yet by not talking about these topics it somehow feels more shameful to admit that it exists and that the “happy ending” doesn’t look the same for everyone because society has a way of making us think there is only one way to have a family.

And that family always includes children.

But what if it doesn’t?

Our ability to conceive doesn’t define us, it doesn’t define our worth.

Not everyone ends up having children, by choice, circumstance, or other.

We have been following this podcast for some time and are so so delighted Charlie was invited to share the stage with Steph and Palo as they discussed different reasons that might lead to childlessness. They share their very different journeys, the impact of infertility and why talking about infertility, and especially childlessness normalises a conversation that should never be considered anything less.

We are all worthy.

Listen to the podcast now over at @fullstoppodcast and check out some of their other excellent resources on our Life Without Children page!