New initiative from MRKH Connect! Nothing connects a community more, than sharing a powerful story. As digital storytelling enthusiasts, we want to share with you a collective activity that allows all our voices to be heard. We know how fast a message can spread, especially in our virtual modern day world.

With an ever expanding social media landscape, what better than to create a campaign designed for those living, learning and moving through an MRKH diagnosis.

Introducing the ‘Be Real Reel’ campaign, our peer support initiative inviting our community to participate in an MRKH Connect Instagram reel. We are seeking between 20-25 participants, who would like to feature in our ‘Be Real Reel’ project. The idea here is about provoking honesty and through sharing experiences that will help others. This is all about getting “real” about topics associated with MRKH!

So, what does it involve?

Well, you, plus, a powerful message.

Submissions could be pictures, video, audio or text. Additionally, submissions can be completely anonymous to honour the privacy of our community. Topics could include (but not limited to) the following:

👉 Diagnosis
👉 Dilation
👉 Mental health
👉 What the future holds – hope and joy even if the future is not what you thought
👉 IVF tips and tricks
👉 Childlessness
👉 Disclosure
👉 Connection and support
👉 And, so much more!

With time of the Instagram essence, each video clip submitted will last just 3/4 seconds, and compiled into one reel.

Please email us if you’re interested and we will send you further info! Submissions close 29th October 💜