Exciting news!

One of our community advocates and writer and director, the hugely talented  @mollymarymcglynn’s upcoming film that is all about MRKH! Not just about MRKH, but a dramatisation of her own experiences leading up to and since diagnosis.

Molly shares her MRKH journey played by an impressive cast staring Maddie Ziegler & Emily Hampshire!

We have seen experiences of MRKH shared before but to see MRKH on the big screen is an amazing achievement and an opportunity to once again shine a light on our incredible community and all who share similar stories about being born different.

To quote our friends at Beautiful You MRKH “10 years ago, few knew about MRKH, let alone would openly talk about it. Today a press release went live for a movie about it”

Congratulations to Molly for all the steps you are taking to make this happen and for being an inspiration to not just 1 in 5000 diagnosed with MRKH but to inspiring others to not let the challenges life throws at us ever stop our dreams coming true.

We can’t wait to see it!

Read the Press Release to find out more!