Canada’s MRKH Conference is now officially the Canadian MRKH Foundation having just this week been registered as a not for profit foundation!

Ashley Clark the Director of MRKH Canada says “I’m excited to bring a small team of passionate people together to help me continue to make a difference in Canada by improving the support and patient experience of those born with MRKH Syndrome. Thank you to my Mom, doctor and @sunnianneball for jumping on board!”

The goal is to support, educate and empower those born with MRKH Syndrome, as well as healthcare providers to improve the patient experience for people with MRKH. The Canadian MRKH Foundation is currently the only patient-run resource for those with MRKH in Canada. In addition to annual events, virtual meet-ups and fundraisers, we raise money to fund other MRKH initiatives like mailing MRKH Identification cards across the country to make communication easier between MRKH patients and doctors who may not be familiar with the syndrome.

“As an advocate, I’ve spoken to MRKH people and supporters at international MRKH conferences and publicly at organized fundraisers for Canada’s MRKH Conference gaining media attention from local news stations and newspapers. I also speak annually at a local high school, educating teenagers in the Emergency Response Focus Program about how what we’re taught in sex ed is only touching the surface of how our bodies can develop” – says Ashley

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