Claire reached out to us recently to share how much coaching has helped her on her journey. This isn’t MRKH specific coaching or something provided by MRKH Connect but the messages Claire shares in this video are important reminders for us all so Claire asked if we would share it also 😍

Coaching wasn’t even something she planned to do but she came across it and decided to give it a go.

She reminds us that
🌟 personal growth and acceptance takes time even if we think we have it nailed
🌟 we are continually working on ourselves, it never stops
🌟 we deserve more, always
🌟 showing up for yourself is empowering because you are doing it for YOU
🌟 it is never too late to try

We know many in the community have or are exploring coaching and have found it immensely beneficial as part of their journey.

It’s not always about finding support from the community or from a specialist who understands MRKH (although that can often help) it’s about finding someone who you connect with and feel comfortable sharing your story with to learn tools to be able to work towards acceptance of yourself and your diagnosis or to explore a different viewpoint you didn’t consider.

If you are a looking for coaching within the community then we work with, and can recommend, our friends @sumaavi_trustedcircle and also with @pussipoetics 🀍 Two very different focuses of coaching but both designed to help us connect to ourselves in different ways.

For other suggestions check out our mental health resources

Thank you Claire for sharing 🀍