Date: 30th July 2022
Time and Venue: 12:30 – 18:00 at Future Dreams House, London, UK

Join us for Connect LIVE an in-person community led event, featuring speakers of MRKH lived experiences, international presentations, and panel discussions in London, UK.

MRKH Connect has curated a hearty program, that will bring you unique and inspiring stories through the lived experiences of people with MRKH, presentations spanning from diagnosis day to parenthood, interactive panel discussions and group-breakout sessions designed for all those touched by MRKH, ending with a social event where everyone can come together.

A full program will be available very soon as we secure our guest speakers, but we can safely say, that this event will offer support, encouragement, and guidance on how to live (and thrive) with this challenging diagnosis.

Who can attend?

Anyone with MRKH over 16!

Please note that owing to ongoing COVID restrictions in place at our venue, numbers are limited so we will be working on a first come first served basis at registration. All MRKHers are able to bring a plus one if you choose.

However, note that those with MRKH and our wonderful friends, partners and parents will be located in two separate rooms for the majority of the day to promote a safe and comfortable environment for all with MRKH to chat and share together and same for our supporters.

MRKH Connect wants to make support as accessible as possible so we are working on ensuring that the focus of the speaking program will also be available online for all to be able to tune in from your home, anywhere on the globe. More details to come on this very soon!

There will be an opportunity for everyone to come together, socialise, share experiences of the day and meet new people in a social event at the closing of the day.

Find out more information about the event and logistics by following the link to register!

Our events cannot provide medical advice or professional support but can help signpost to services/professional support that may be of interest and are a great way to meet, share experiences and learn from others.

Register for Connect LIVE!