Connect with Friends

Date: 7th March 2021
Time: 19:00 GMT

We understand the importance of connection particularly at this unsettling and uncertain time when meeting in person is more challenging.

These relaxed and informal chats are just for those with MRKH, a safe space to chat, share experiences and meet new people. The chats will run every 6 weeks so if you miss one then don’t worry the next one won’t be far away.

Sometimes we just need a good old chat to know we aren’t alone.  This event will do just that but will have an underlying theme around our experiences of diagnosis, treatment options and how it makes us feel about our bodies. A topic that was requested by popular demand at our last event.

These events will strike a balance, led by community feedback, of relaxed chats with information events, creative sessions such as writing and craft and special guest hosts and speakers to help us Connect with friends.

There is never any pressure to chat or share, it is no problem to just listen in.