Date: 12th March 2023
Time: 19:00 GMT (UK time)

Join us for our next Connect with Friends with a twist! This is our first Connect with Friends focusing on The Next Chapter! We hope it will be the first of many.

We’ve always said, “you’ll never grow out of MRKH, you’ll grow with it”, and this statement rings true for this special, and first event of its kind. Together, along with community members, and a couple of over 35-year-old brains, we felt that perhaps something is missing when it comes to MRKH peer support.

Quite rightly, support and awareness should deep dive into the diagnosis phase of MRKH. Whilst this is a pivotal era for any person delivered with the MRKH diagnosis, we also want to acknowledge that “The Next Chapter” can be equally challenging for different reasons.

In our modern day world of TikTok, Instagram, and ‘shareable’ acceptance, MRKH has never been more on the digital map. But what about those who were diagnosed before this virtual landscape? What about those, who may be diagnosed in the 30s, 40s and 50s, who need to find a peer support group, relatable to them?

In this special online meet-up focused on the next chapter but open to all with MRKH, we encourage the “lost voices” to join us as we take a look through the keyhole of what it was like to be diagnosed behind-the-scenes, and what it’s like to navigate the onward phases of MRKH throughout the years.

This event aims to start to delve deeper into topics such as:

  • How does MRKH impact sexuality, relationships and identity
  • Is MRKH ever really “fixable”?
  • MRKH and motherhood (or not): Discovering our choices, hopes and needs
  • Relearning sex education
  • The dreaded “menopause” and is it game-over before it even begun
  • What have we learnt, lost, and been liberated with, despite, or in spite of MRKH?

But most of all we want to hear from you and what you would like to see in such sessions and critically if they are helpful for you in addition to the other events we provide.

This is a safe space with no pressure to talk or share, videos can be on or off and you are very welcome to just listen if you want to. This event, as with all our Connect with Friends is only for those with MRKH and whilst this event is focused on the Over 35s all MRKHers over 16 are welcome regardless of where you are in your journey.

Click the link below to find out more and sign up! 

This event is part of our Connect with Friends regular online informal catch up series. The events are peer led support hosted by the MRKH Connect team, Charlie, Hasna and Ally, with a mix of informal chats, chats with focused topics, creative events and featuring many friends in the community as guest hosts, speakers and collaborators.

These events cannot provide medical advice or professional support but can help signpost to services/professional support that may be of interest and are a great way to meet others and share experiences.