This wonderful piece was shared with us recently and it is wonderful to see other language resources being prepared and she has also written a book

“Für, mit und über Frauen ohne – Ein Buch über das MRKH-Syndrom” (For, with and about women without – a book about the MRKH syndrome)

This video is in German with English subtitles.

Janina’s story:

To be born as a woman without a birth canal and without a uterus: What sounds cruel is reality for one in 5000 women. They suffer from MRKH syndrome. In this book, the author proves that this diagnosis does not have to represent a hopeless situation. Janina Brandes received her diagnosis herself at the age of 17 and made her peace with it a long time ago.

With good research, appealing illustrations and empathetic messages, Janina has developed a booked that she hopes to publish which she hopes to show others with MRKH new perspectives and encourages them to go their own way. This is underlined by personal contributions from strong women, who show that there is an entire community with an incredibly strong cohesion.

You can read more about her book here