Fitting In…is bloody hell

The movie about MRKH is released TODAY in North America.  This coming of age traumady follows the story of Lindy and her journey to diagnosis and beyond.  It follows the ups and downs and everything in between.  Written and directed by Molly McGlynn based on her own MRKH journey and wonderfully acted by Maddie Ziegler and Emily Hampshire.  This film brings community awareness like we have not seen before in a way many of us could only have imagined and we cannot wait for it to make it to Europe and the Rest of the World.

For now we leave you with the trailer and some advice from our friends MRKH Canada who have been to see the movie at the Canadian premiere and shared their thoughts and helpful advice for the community.

  1. Consider where you are at in your MRKH journey and whether you’re ready to see an entire film about someone being diagnosed with MRKH. (It will more than likely be triggering and could bring up a lot of emotions. Are you prepared for that?) It is also rated 18+ for a reason…
  2. Have a selfcare plan in place. You may need to take some time after the film to process the emotions that come up. Let yourself cry, nap, journal, talk to someone you love, take a warm bath, schedule a therapy session. 😭😴📝🗣️🛁🛋️Whatever works for you.
  3. Keep in mind this is just one version of an MRKH story. 📖 It may not be reflective of yours and that’s okay.
  4. Bring Kleenex. Trust us. 🤧
  5. It took Molly McGlynn a lot of courage to write & direct this film and now it is being seen by thousands of people across the country. How amazing is that?! If you decide to go, enjoy the show! 🎥🍿
    We know we did. 🤩