So, here goes.. whilst being a very private person in some respect, I really didn’t think I would ever write a post regarding this but with the challenges that come with it, it may just become our last resort.

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with a condition which unfortunately means I cannot carry a child of my own.

I have ovaries and produce eggs but was born without a womb so cannot carry a child. Growing up, I was that child that had all my baby names ready for when the day came. Obviously, this news was the worst outcome for me. I was broken and don’t think I could ever explain the feelings I felt and still feel now. At the age of 16, it was so difficult to be young whilst battling with the worries for my future and the 101 emotions I was feeling.

Thank god for my amazing family and friends who got me out of a dark place and provided me with the space to have open conversations and plan for the future. Years later, I have met my amazing partner Luke who is the most supportive, caring partner I could have ever dreamt of. Obviously, because of these circumstances, our plans for a family would differ slightly and would need to start sooner.

We have started the process and whilst jumping through our first hurdle, I was told I have low ovarian reserve which means I’m not producing as many eggs as most women which of course is not good news alongside infertility. This means that we will have to start the IVF process as soon as possible and freeze our embryos ready for our surrogate / womb transplant when the time comes. Unfortunately, this means we are having to move quickly in the process to ensure we are freezing as many embryos as we can.

We have been told that we are eligible for 1 round of IVF on the NHS which we are of course so grateful for, however, it is likely one won’t be enough due to the low ovarian reserve. A second round of IVF will cost around £6,000 and the surrogacy fees alone could be three times this.

So, although out of our comfort zone and very scary, we have decided to create a go public with our story with the hope that we can get to create our miracle in the future. Please don’t feel obliged to donate, times are hard at the minute but even a share would put our story out there and potentially support us.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read our story.

If you want to learn more about Hannah and Luke’s story and how you can help head over to their Go Fund Me for more information ❤️

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