MRKH Connect has been working with King’s College London for the last few years to support MRKH research.  For the last 3 years we have been delighted to offer an MSc placement to Health Psychology students.  An opportunity for a student to lead research of interest to MRKH Connect and the wider community and learn more about the activities of a small charity such as ours.
This year we have welcomed MSc Health Psychology student Fatima Alawi to MRKH Connect as part of her studies.  Previous research undertaken by King’s College and MRKH Connect indicates that research with healthcare professionals is required as barriers to accessing care are an ongoing challenge for many.  This survey aims to explore the perceptions of healthcare professionals regarding MRKH with the hope of gaining valuable insights about their understanding, views and experiences in managing and supporting patients with MRKH.

The survey is completely anonymous and will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

We welcome feedback from all healthcare professionals (primary and secondary care) from the UK specifically and do encourage you to share with others for whom this might be of interest.

For any questions about this research please contact

You can follow a link to the survey here.