Introducing Tutum Journal, the new quarterly online magazine coming Spring 2021 from Tutum Global!

Tutum Global are on a journey to create a trailblazing magazine for and by childless women shaping our society and culture, while helping women throughout the world cope through, and beyond, childlessness.

Despite the fact that approximately 1 in 5 women are childless—and for 90% of them, it was not by choice—there’s still a lack of representation of the perspectives and lives of involuntarily childless women throughout our society including in publications and media .

Tutum Journal is an online quarterly magazine that will further our mission to own our voice, control our narrative, shift perspectives and stigmas and deepen understandings to help women move from distress to fulfilment, helping them make deeper connection with like-minded women creating their own happiness and power in the world.

Tutum Journal builds self-recovery, develops sisterhood and provides a safe space to be seen and heard. Literally, the name suggests a safe space, as the Latin word “tutum” can be defined as “safe.” Each magazine issue is a “big topic” guide, exploring many aspects of a theme that’s vitally important to the childless community. This is more than a magazine; it is a community. A conversation. A childless woman will always find herself  in our pages. This magazine belongs to us!

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