We saw this piece recently and felt compelled to share so we reached out to Lucie and asked if we could. It is in French but since we do see a lack of resources in different languages we felt even more compelled to share.

MRKH can raise many questions around identity how we feel about ourselves and also how others may perceive us.  Each journey is personal and powerful.  Lucie passionately shares her journey with MRKH, raises questions and challenges perceptions.

Thank you for this piece

Je ne suis pas née femme (I was not born a woman)

by Lucie Robet

At 17, Lucie learned that she was born with MRKH. This ‘Disorder of Sex Development’, as the doctors call it, has ripple effects on sexuality and identity. This discovery deeply affected her and turned her preconceptions upside down. Should she transform her body to correspond to other people’s expectations? Up to which point? Is nature unjust or is it society that is not tolerant enough? Lucie sets down her questions and thoughts over the years. At 46, from Brussels where she now lives, she takes stock of her journey alternating between inner storms and calmer waters

Image credit: Laurent Orseau & Barbario