Our friend and MRKHer Andreia Trigo, is working with a Portuguese journalist who is doing a short documentary on MRKH, starting with a recording they did of her 20 years ago and interviewing many people to see what has changed in 20 years.

At the end of the documentary, the journalist would like to have images of MRKHers dancing and lip syncing to this song: https://youtu.be/FH3AV3I0OTk

This a well known song but this version is even more beautiful than the original. And this is a subliminal message she wants to pass across, that those with MRKH are beautiful.  Because we are.

If you feel comfortable, please record yourself on your phone dancing to this song (it doesn’t need to be the whole song), on landscape format (phone sideways).

Add the video to the shared drive here until the 12th September.

Please note, this is not affiliated with MRKH Connect but Andreia is a nurse and also well known in our community and through her organisation Enhanced Fertility and we always welcome awareness raising of MRKH through our global community and supporting such initiatives by spreading the word to others who may be interested in participating.  Any questions can be sent to her directly – she is @andreiatrigorn on Instagram.