This year’s mental health awareness week, founded by Mental Health Foundation, is under the theme of loneliness.

An emotion that so many of us can relate to in the MRKH community.

Because we actually have been there. 1000s of us.

Feeling that same pain and like we are the only ones in the world. Loneliness to us is not just about social connection but also about not feeling connected on a feeper level. Not feeling understood because how can someone understand truly how you feel if they aren’t also living it?

Knowing someone else has felt the same can help reduce the impact it has on our mental health, provide us information and a boost that can help us all improve our physical and mental health for the better. Join us this week as we have some activities to help us work towards reducing that feeling of loneliness through community support initiatives to help spread the message of #IveBeenThere and that you are not alone.

Check our Mental Health Foundation for more resources to support this week and watch out for some posts and challenges from us too for #mrkh5000in50 and for us all to think about how we can reduce loneliness and support ourselves and others.