Off the back of the breaking news this week many advocates in the MRKH community rallied quickly to support a flood of media requests from across the UK media outlets and newspapers and many more were behind the scenes cheering those courageous MRKHers on as they shared publicly across TV, radio and online their thoughts on what this meant to them and could mean for others.

Metro contacted MRKH Connect for a first person blog piece on why the womb transplant was so important to them and the community.  Charlie, our Director, took the chance to write the piece and share her insights;

“I began my advocacy journey back in 2014 by writing a blog.  To be invited to write a blog after the news broke about the womb transplant felt even more poignant and important to do and I am proud that I had the chance to do this.  I hope it helps to raise awareness for infertility conditions, for MRKH, the work we do as a small charity and above all else I hope that pieces like these, and the work of all the advocates in our community and beyond who spread awareness across the board of infertility challenges allows us to keep this important conversation going”  

It was published online on 24th August – You can read the article here.

Charlie donated the fee that she was paid for the article to MRKH Connect.