Press Release, London, UK, August 2021: The members and friends of MRKH Connect, the charity that provides a safe space for everyone with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome to learn more about the condition and feel supported, have achieved 5000 hours of well-being activity in only 50 days!

Starting on 5th May 2021, this novel event challenged participants to undertake activities focused on physical and mental wellbeing such as running, cycling, walking, meditating, journaling, painting, doing yoga or whatever worked for them.

As it was a virtual challenge it allowed MRKH Connect’s international community to take part, wherever they were in the world.

Within 50 days, the total number of hours exceeded the target of 5000 with the charity’s ‘Warrior Woman’ totaliser turning completely purple.

Director of MRKH Connect, Charlie Bishop explains why the charity decided to set the challenge and what has been achieved: “The idea for the event was inspired by the virtual events and challenges we have all seen during the pandemic but also to take it one step further and not just focus on the physical but on the mental health aspect as well.”

“A challenge that was fully accessible to everyone, where everyone works together to meet a common goal whilst also feeling a sense on community along the way and raising awareness for MRKH. It seemed at times like an insurmountable challenge however “5000” is our number: 1 in 5000 females will experience MRKH and we actively incorporated that in the challenge.” 

The community support was incredible with 84 participants from countries including UK, USA, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, South Africa, India and across Europe raising over £1200 with sponsors from within our community who worked with us to donate some excellent prizes and promote the event.”   

MRKH Connect was overwhelmed with the positive response from those who participated:

“MRKH Connect’s 5000 in 50 has definitely made me make time and do more for myself and my well-being and I have enjoyed waking up each morning thinking ‘I will make the effort today’ ‘what will I do / can I do to log my time today’, the enthusiasm they have given has been inspiring “

“I really enjoyed the event so much and it really made me happy taking part”

“Thank you again for everything you have done for this challenge it was amazing”

Bishop again; “This was a challenge for the community, but we are so proud of what we achieved to reach that goal and to give everyone the chance to think about wellbeing in a different way, together, and supported, so much so that we are thinking about turning it into a yearly event!”

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