MRKH Connect, the charitable community organisation that offers a secure place for those with MRKH to learn more about and share their experiences of this congenital condition that affects one in five thousand women, has challenged everyone to complete five thousand hours of collective activity in only fifty days.

Following the success of the 2021 event, the 5000 in 50 challenge is returning for another year.  Starting May 5th this virtual event is designed to raise both awareness of MRKH and funds for MRKH Connect, to allow them to continue their work.

Participants will commit to activities that are beneficial to both their physical and mental well-being – examples include running, walking, cycling, writing, swimming and / or craftwork – and contribute the hours that they complete, to reach the total of 5000 hours.

The event will be monitored on the MRKH Connect website (, where participants and supporters will be able to see the progress of the team.

MRKH syndrome affects 1 in 5000 female births and leads to the absence of the uterus, cervix, and the shortening of the vagina and is often diagnosed when periods don’t start, leading to investigations as to why.  Knowledge of MRKH and the support available, varies widely among GPs, nurses and doctors. This means diagnoses can be delayed leading to feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation, where none should exist.

Charlotte Bishop, Director of MRKH Connect, explains why her charity will challenge themselves like this and what the event will mean to the members: “After being inspired by Run for Heroes and other events, we got together and thought it would be great to do something similar to raise awareness whilst encouraging physical and mental wellbeing. That’s how 5000-IN-50 was born. 

We were very clear from the start that we wanted this to be accessible to all and so we designed this challenge in a novel way. Don’t concentrate on one or two activities but let people challenge themselves across a range of physical and wellbeing activities whilst reducing any potential barriers to entry by ensuring there is something for everyone. 

5000 is a number deeply related to MRKH as we are 1 in 5000 so to work a challenge round that was always our goal.

MRKH Connect is global so to be able to offer something to everyone whilst partnering with our peers in different regions is fantastic and we have been really overwhelmed by the response.

Whilst this is a fun event that we want to get everyone involved in and talking about MRKH the main reason of course is to shine a light on this incredible community, the strength, courage and desire they and we all have to make a change to improve that journey to diagnosis and beyond for all and ensure no one with MRKH feels alone.”

To join the event and contribute to this amazing community, visit the 5000-IN-50 Event page or to donate to the charity, please visit MRKH Connect.