A diagnosis of MRKH can rarely feel like something to celebrate yet when we come together it can really feel like one.

On November 26th about 30 people – MRKHers and some with their closest supporters – met in London for an afternoon and evening of food, hugs, secret santa and even the Macarena!

This event was more than just a chance to be social, it was a chance to celebrate our uniqueness of having fun and that our beauty and worth is not defined by whether we have a womb or not.

We were delighted to be able to sponsor this event again this year to help offset the cost for everyone attending this fantastic informal Christmas 🎄 meal arranged by the lovely Ellamae @iamfullalove and Grace and @mindovermrkh.

This event was full of smiles and laughs and fun and highlights just how important events that bring the community together are.

As an organisation set up to Connect those with MRKH together, being able to contribute to these types of events as well as run our own are a big part of what we are here to do and we can’t wait for more in 2023 including Connect LIVE 2023!

Thank you to everyone who came, many despite the train strikes. A special acknowledgement to those who came despite the nerves you had, to those who had never met anyone else and to all those who were meeting old friends.

These events can be overwhelming so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to.

Wherever you are in your journey we are here, you can contact us anytime and join our growing online community. Get in touch for more information.