Global MRKH is uniting with international MRKH charity founders, community leaders and inspirational speakers, to mobilise support for the women and girls in Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, families have been in a desperate attempt to escape. For many, a plane was not waiting for them, with no sight of freedom ahead. Afghan women and girls at risk, and desperately in need of our help.

Afghan women have lost hope for peace and stability and are once again finding themselves as prisoners of their gender. We can do more. By supporting the Women for Women International, an organisation dedicated to supporting women on the ground in Afghanistan, we can use our voices to help those voiceless. Until everyone is safe, we are not safe. Head to the link in our bio to learn more, give more and free more women.

So, why has Global MRKH sprung back into action now? There seemed no better cause, than to recognise the voices that have saved so many across the world, and over the years!

By awakening our voice, we can be the voices for those who need us the most. The Global MRKH community is strong, humble, and yet so powerful. Over the coming weeks, you will see how one cause can unite and be a beacon of hope for another.

MRKH Connect are so proud to be part of this initiative designed to unite the MRKH community, and beyond, towards the common goal of supporting the women and girls affected by the Taliban takeover.

Follow us throughout November as we share posts across our platforms to raise awareness.

If this speaks to you, then head to this link to learn more about their work and to pledge your support  – Women for Women