Now you must bear in mind that I am a mere male and what I am writing here is simply my own opinion (rightly or wrongly) on my experiences, views and thoughts regarding MRKH so please don’t judge me!

I met my partner almost six years ago now and fairly quickly into the relationship she told me that she was born without a womb and had her son through surrogacy. If anything, I found both topics interesting and was full of admiration for my lady that she had fulfilled her desire to be a mother despite being dealt a rubbish hand in life. I understand that it was not all plain sailing to achieve what she has done but she did it and that in itself was amazing. The surrogate parents I believe did this for monetary gains rather than for other reasons but who cares!

After two years or so she started to explain MRKH to me in a bit more detail and all I cared about really was that I was not around and we were not together in her younger years so that I could have supported her more. She kept dropping more bits into the MRKH discussions as more and more time went by including the lack of a vagina which was somewhat surprising but she has one now, so it didn’t matter! It was only recently she mentioned the droopy chin and shoulder which again is associated with MRKH. I have to admit that I was not really aware of either so I hope she is not overly conscious about that as there is no need! Since she has mentioned the chin though I can see it now (just) but in my eyes its cute and nothing else 😊!

Now here is my blokey bit and again MY view on MRKH. I believe this syndrome has made my lady a far better person than if she didn’t have it! Really? Yes, and here is why – She loves life and she is the most realistic and down to earth person I have ever met. Her smile melts me every time – guaranteed! I trust her implicitly; she has full access to my mobile (how many others can say that eh? Lol). I could go on! Yes, I know she must have had lots of stressful and mental battles over what she has got but hey, she has her son! She has no stretch marks or anything else associated with delivery and, as we have discussed on several occasions she doesn’t seem to have a monthly cycle that in my past experience sends ladies into a very angry and strange place so believe me Β the fact that this doesn’t happen makes me very happy! Yes, I know its uncontrollable hormones!

I know I have sugar coated this a little but if you knew my fragile little lady you will know that if she can get through all of this and show MRKH who’s really boss then life again can and will be good so girls, if you have been diagnosed it really doesn’t have to be the end of the world!

Again the most fantastic thing about MRKH is that it has shaped my girl into the most fabulous person that I have ever met and that’s why I asked her to marry me!

Proud Husband of an MRKHer