We are super proud to have been contacted by Priya (@dontovaryactt) to help support an article she was writing about the lovely @vicsxmrkh story!

Raising awareness of MRKH and everything that comes with it is so important. Just because MRKH is a condition that is not seen does not mean it doesn’t affect those who have it.

The mental health toll can be huge and is not to be underestimated. Knowing how to even begin to approach the adult-level topics it raises when you are just a child yourself is impossible to describe, but also know that there is support and a large community out there to help you along your journey is vital.

Because, you are not alone.

Thank you to Priya and Stylist Magazine for the sensitivity in the writing and for giving our big and proud community a platform to share insight into MRKH.

Read the article on Stylist.co.uk now!