MRKH is 1 in 5000 & when I was diagnosed on March 5th 2020, I was told something I never ever dreamed I’d be told. I was left to feel empty, so numb yet accompanied by overwhelming amounts of sadness. To be told that I’d be taking a journey I never expected to be taking absolutely broke me. Infertility is a loss, it’s the loss of an assumed future.

I was left grieving for the body that I was taught I had, feelings of desperation, just wanting to be like other girls & confusion as to why it was me that was made so different. The quote “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” sums infertility up for me. Three years since my diagnosis I’ve learnt that grief & trauma is not linear. The quote that’s lived in my head everyday for three years since my diagnosis is “I was given this life because I was the only one strong enough to live it” that’s why in a many ways, I’m proud to be a part of the 1 in 5000 women who I believe are the most emotionally strongest women in the world.

Contributing to this charity, reading each truly inspirational story & reading books about fertility has helped me to start taking positive & personal steps in my journey & growth with MRKH. I feel more at peace with my diagnosis than I ever have.

Each step I have taken, I share with my partner & that makes me feel incredibly grateful, no matter how significant or small they may be, each small step is worth so much to us both, our small victories have such a greater meaning behind them.

MRKH took away my dream of bearing a child of my own, but still my dream to experience motherhood is a dream too big to give up on. The dream of having a surrogate mother I cling on to. I want to be as lucky as other women who have children. I want to experience the biggest privilege & greatest achievement of my life, which is to become a mother.

Libbie x