Date: 13th January 2024

Time & Location: London, 15:00 GMT (UK time)

Something a little different to celebrate the new year! A safe and welcoming group of people with MRKH painting pottery together with food provided.

If you have never met someone with MRKH before, we promise support, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to connect with and lots of laughs too, we are sure of it!

The group of organisers have now done many events for MRKHers of all ages, we hope this event brings solace to anyone needing a safe space to chat to someone who truly gets it, all whilst mindfully painting pottery! We want our events to have a focus on mental health going forward, and feel that people will be much more comfortable with an activity to zone in on with no pressure, we all know how social anxiety feels – even our organisers!

If you are under 18 please bring an adult along, we have limited pre booked places so plus 1 maximum. If tickets run out here, you can purchase directly with social pottery as we didn’t want to risk buying too many without knowing guaranteed numbers.

Your ticket money is a deposit for your pottery piece so on arrival you will have £5 towards your piece back. Here are the things you will get to purchase on arrival to paint, this is all you need to account for we will be offsetting some of the costs with sponsorship from MRKH Connect.

To collect your painted pottery, the venue will put it in a kiln to dry, then you can individually arrange to return to the venue on a day/time of your choice to collect.

Lunch (vegan and meat pizzas) will be provided by us with one glass of fizz (fizz only for for 18+♥)

You can also bring your own drinks (soft or alcoholic).