The idea of treating the next person being diagnosed is coming to life with Sophie & Ellamae’s warriorship boxes in the making.

These boxes, an initiative from Mind Over MRKH are designed to provide those newly diagnosed with a token of support and a letterbox gift full of MRKH and community goodies and resources to help them know they are not alone and MRKH Connect is proud to be supporting and contributing to these boxes.

What to expect in the box?

Everything MRKH, self love and mental health. From a special piece of jewellery, a journal or book, to a wall print and self care kit- to plenty of MRKH related info and print outs.

We will have a mini FAQ card and plenty of cards for places to turn to for support, friendship and advice, merch, advice 🤩 & ways to connect and a notepad from @mrkhconnect & a contact card for @mrkhstars and some pleasure positive stickers from @cliterallythebest as well as a WhatsApp invite to our U.K. WhatsApp group and little photos and letters from your MRKH big sisters!

If you’d like to contribute to the warriorship boxes, there is an Amazon wishlist and other ways to donate via Mind Over MRKH directly.

“Request a box” page is coming soon on Mind Over MRKH and newly diagnosed MRKHers will be referred here from our UK MRKH hospitals.

Find out more by following the links and join us in helping make this initiative reach all those newly diagnosed at a time when support, and knowing you are not alone, are so important.