Looking back on 2022 for me, here’s how it went!
January I did my first MRKH Tik Tok, and that was a hit. I was introduced to a new healing, which sure did get me feeling!
I hit a real low but was blessed with a spiritual Islamic uplifting Umrah trip in February but Covid also finally hit, when we all did so well playing hide and seek with a miss! We were hit with never ending fatigue but eventually we got our strength back!
March was art therapy zoom time and I learnt how to express myself colourfully and I was surprised how colourful my painted cherry blossom tree looked, as I had not felt so colourfully about MRKH those days.
April was blessed with fasting and feasting for Eid. Infertility day made me loud and proud in my orange Asian heritage wear!
May was something quite spectacular and I did something I never thought would be possible! I hosted my first Instagram live with my lovely special sister Isa. We shared our love for journaling and crafting and shared some of our MRKH journey. I finally also started my Mizan healing which was a deep powerful, emotional journey, which sure did get my river stream of tears flow and flow! Which made me glow!
June allowed me to continue my love of crafting and writing and I got to paint and write a poem, during Ellamae’s zooms. Then noon hit and the live button went lit and I read my poem!
July was full of celebration and commemoration, with a family wedding and meeting my tribe which made my vibe bright!
August more fun spun at another wedding spreading happiness and joy. It’s also when I finally started to feel some peace, with the unique way Allah (God) intended me to be.
September was time for Sumaavi MRKH coaching, which made me keep growing!
October was bake cake for charity which sure was a fresh break!
November was when illness hit, which made my gratitude lit. Special meet with my people followed which was bright and made me feel very light.
December was family time with a wedding and many sleepovers.
It’s been a year of many highs and some lows but it’s been a year I have made a difference to the MRKH research and advocacy work, Alhumdulilah (Thanks to Allah-God) and most importantly it’s allowed me to truly feel my darkest emotions and feel so much lighter and slowly start the journey of deeper acceptance, for the unique way Allah (God) intended me to be. The end has been draining with illness that did not want to leave me but it’s highlighted all my loved ones care for me and my good health, even more so! Also have got to enjoy lots of family weddings and family times and that’s been even more appreciated, especially post Covid!
Have a wonderful 2023 everyone! May it be a year of happiness, health, healing and success, Ameen.