Back then… I was 15 years old and I didn’t have periods.

So my mother took me to gynaecologist. There doctor suggested they send me for an ultrasound.

The results were shocking.

I was diagnosed with ectopic right kidney and left kidney wasn’t visualised and uterus was also not present so the doctor suggested a CT scan.

I had to wait a year and a half for that scan and it showed that I have right ectopic kidney and left kidney is fine and a small rudimentary nodular structure was seen at uterus region. That was what confirmed that I have MRKH.

My parents are supportive.  When I had the ultrasound and the doctors told me I have only one kidney and that it was ectopic my parents were really depressed,

After the CT scan my parents were happy that at least I have one normal kidney.  because for them, and as well as for me, it never mattered if I had a uterus or not or if I will get married or not but the ectopic kidney was a concern.  My dear friends are also very supportive and especially my best friend’s mother.

I never thought of marrying. I never wanted to marry even before the diagnosis. I felt pretty much fine with it I just wanted to know why my period hadn’t started.  Now through these tests it was now answered.

What I feel happy about having MRKH is that I always wanted to be inspiration for others and now I can be one.

Dear friends, don’t feel sad, don’t get depressed if you have MRKH, when God closes the window he also opens the door.

I just want to remind all the MRKHers that are beautiful as way you are. Never feel less than others.

There are much more things to do in life…. Your health should be your priority… And the way you think the way you see… So think positive and everything will be positive….

You will definitely find the person you deserve…. You will surely find the person that will love you and accept you as you are.

and finally about children… if you decide to adopt someone who doesn’t have parents… you will be giving someone a better life…you will be giving someone parents who love them…which is an amazing thing!!

Shravani from India