This week is National Adoption Week for England, Wales and N. Ireland this year’s theme is centred on identity and relationships for adopted people so they can feel more connected to their past.

This campaign recognises that not all adopted people will have access to information about their life before adoption, how incredibly difficult that must be, and how it can bring issues around identity to the fore. This year, National Adoption Week aims to open up conversations and ensure that adopted children have better access to information in future.

A series of events are taking place over the week for adopted people, adoptive parents, birth parents and professionals. To view and book onto the events, click here.

By sharing real stories and experiences from adopters, adoptees, birth parents and social workers the week hopes to share the joy and challenges of adoption and promote awareness and lobby for positive policy change related to adoption and support in the UK.

If you are interested to learn more there are a number of free events throughout the week why not check out  You Can Adopt or pop National Adoption Week into your search engine for many more resources.

Are you an MRKHer with your own adoption story? Our Path to Parenthood page has been built for those interested in exploring different options to have a child. It includes a range of resources as well as some amazing personal experiences and we always love to add more content. If you want to share your story, anonymously or otherwise, or suggest some resources which have helped you we would love to hear from you!