National Fertility Awareness Week; 30th Oct – 5th Nov 2023 ...Spearheaded by Fertility Network this year’s Fertility week is running 30 OCTOBER – 5 NOVEMBER 2023 and celebrates 20 years of this important charity in the UK. 

There are 3.5 million people in the UK facing fertility issues, and our aim is to make sure everyone on a fertility journey, whatever stage they’re at, has the support and information they need. 

This year’s Fertility Week is very special as we’re celebrating 20 years of Fertility Network. It’s an opportunity for us to look back and reflect on how far fertility treatment and support for fertility challenges has come, but very importantly, it’s the moment to look forward and highlight what still needs to change.   

That’s why this year’s theme is #Forward4Fertility. We want to hear from you about the change you want to see, the support you need, and how we can work together to create a better fertility future.   

Fertility Week: changing perceptions, signposting support, and fundraising for our cause #Forward4Fertility

MRKH Connect are proud to collaborate with Fertility Network and are excited to launch our own campaign during this week focused on #FertilityFairness.