NIAW is just around the corner and whilst it is the US National infertility awareness week our international community means we want to wave our flag to support our members and peer organisations in the US.

We have been reflecting on what infertility means for us so here goes:

🧡 an MRKH diagnosis
🧡 navigating what this means for us
🧡 knowing that infertility is more than just motherhood
🧡 not being defined by our infertility
🧡 being part of a brave, strong and wide community and a support network like no other
🧡 having the chance to be part of something amazing and strive to make a change for the better for all those with MRKH through MRKH Connect

This year’s theme of #NIAW is empowering us all to change the conversation.  What does this mean?

Ever have a conversation with others who don’t really understand what infertility is? Does your employer provide support?  is there enough out there about infertility? Changing the conversation helps raise awareness and work towards improving support and care

Infertility doesn’t just happen in the US, it has no geographic boundaries so we will, like usual, be doing our bit to #changetheconversation this year and help raise awareness for #infertility.

Check out all the ways you can get involved here