New book! Please find below the blurb from Bloomsbury Publishers for new book Rebel Bodies by Sarah Graham that explores the gender gap, inequality and more – and it even mentions MRKH!

Rebel Bodies: An empowering, inclusive manifesto for change in women’s healthcare.

Have you ever been to a doctor and felt like you were being fobbed off or ignored? Did they belittle or overlook your concerns about your health? Ever been told you’re just ‘hormonal’? You’re not alone. While women are the biggest users of healthcare services, there are massive differences when it comes to men’s and women’s healthcare.

 In Rebel Bodies, health journalist Sarah Graham investigates the gender health gap and women’s struggles to be taken seriously with physical or mental illness in the face of pervasive and insidious sexism. From misdiagnosis to incorrect treatments and even gaslighting, she tells stories that will shock and infuriate, but also inspire hope – stories of patients, doctors and campaigners who are standing up, fighting back and encouraging self-advocacy. With actionable steps you can take yourself, this is an urgent look at the state of women’s healthcare that will reassure you you’re not alone, you’re not going mad, and you are believed.

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