In 2020 we were approached by Rebecca Gilfillan a MSc Psychology student at Birmingham City University who was undertaking research focusing on women’s experiences of MRKH.  The aim of the study was to learn about the lives of those with MRKH through their experiences and to try and understand what a diagnosis of  MRKH is like from each individuals’ perspective.

There have been few studies that consider the emotional and psychological experience of MRKH with a lack of research seeking to value the women as individuals or interviewing women with MRKH about their experiences. This study seeks to address that gap in the literature and to draw meaning from data gathered from interviews.

MRKH Connect were delighted to be able to support this research and share this study with the community for interest in participating. 13 MRKHers took part in the research and shared their experiences and the scientific paper (peer reviewed) of Rebecca’s study has now been published (COVID being the main cause of delay).
We are providing the link to the paper here and on behalf of Rebecca want to thank everyone who took part and we hope this information will provide new insights to the science, medical and research community and beyond.