Researchers from the Department of Psychology at King’s College London are currently recruiting participants for a study investigating a new questionnaire to measure the distress (anxiety and depression) related to living with a long-term physical health condition.  This is not exclusive to MRKH patients but includes anyone who has a long term physical health condition.

A message from the researchers:

“Low mood, anxiety and emotional distress is common in people living with long-term health conditions. We know that distress is often experienced differently by people living with a long-
term condition, compared to those without a diagnosis. In this study, we want to create and test a new scale to measure the distress related to living with an illness, which could be used in both
clinical practice and research to help better support people living with long-term health conditions.”

The outcome is expected to be very helpful tool both clinically and in research to identify and support the psychological needs of people living with a long-term condition in the future.

This is an online, survey study. Participation includes completing two short questionnaires, 1 week apart. Those who participate are entered in the draw to win a of 5x £100 vouchers.

Who is eligible?

We are looking for people who are over the age of 18, living in the UK, and who have a long-term physical health condition (e.g. MRKH) to take part.

Find out more about the study and how to participate here.

Please note this is not an MRKH Connect led study but we believe it to be of interest to the community and are pleased to share this given the importance of the topic and improvement to support anyone struggling with their mental health 🤍