Reprofutures is a co-created research project which took place from 2019-2022 led by the University of Exeter. The objective was to understand what kinds of support that adults with variations in sex characteristics (VSCs) would like to receive with issues relating to reproduction, fertility, relationships, intimacy, and parenting (biological and non-biological). In particular, we aimed to consider how to improve the support provided in healthcare settings and social circles – from families, friends, partners – and to develop guidance to assist with these improvements.

The understanding of reproductive support was broad and included the freedom not to become a parent, as well as the potential to become a parent, and in either case for the environment to be safe, healthy, approving, non-judgemental and non-intrusive. Together we developed a series of qualitative workshops, written activities, and consultation sessions with 28 people with VSCs across the UK including 6 people from the MRKH community.

You can read more about the project here

The conclusions from this work have been developed into a support guideresearch report, and healthcare policy and practice recommendations.

Illustrations designed by Elly Jahnz