Monash University are inviting people with MRKH and AUFI over the age of 18 to share their experiences.

A student at Monash University is undertaking a PhD research project entitled Uterine Transplantation – a Sociocultural study.  The aim of this study is to understand the experience and opinions of people affected by MRKH and AUFI (Absolute Uterine Factor Infertility) towards clinical trials of uterus transplantation.  You do not need to have had a uterus transplant, or be planning on having one, to be involved.

If you are someone who has an awareness of uterus transplantation and lived experience of MRKH/AUFI and if you are over 18,  you are invited to participate in this research project.

Interviews will be conducted face to face in a secure environment, or if you would prefer, via zoom or in a secure chat facility.  Every effort will be undertaken to ensure your confidentially and no real names will be used in research findings.  Participation should take approximately one hour of your time with a follow up interview if needed.

For more information on how you can be involved, the ethics approval or for the information sheet then follow the links for more details.

Instagram: @utx_comparative_study

Facebook: UTx Comparative Study 

Please note this is not an MRKH Connect led study but we believe it to be of interest to the community given the topic and are pleased to share to all for awareness 🤍