Va Va Womb have launched a new initiative to share everything you WISH you were taught in sex ed. Times are changing, and things are improving as the generations go on but there is still a long way to go, but what we wish we knew, and everything each of us has learned through experience WILL help someone in the future.

Ellamae the founder of Va Va Womb (and MRKH Warrior) shares her story below as why this is important to her:

As a girl that never started her period, that was born without a womb and with an underdeveloped vagina- my body DEFINITELY was not part of the curriculum (quoting a poem I wrote, it rolls off the tongue!) because it only features the bodies of some and it teaches me that my body would make me a Mum! But in fact, at 16 years old my body didn’t bleed, and it could not be penetrated (even though I had a vulva). I definitely was not prepared for what my body turned out to be. I didn’t know my clitoris had 8000 nerve endings, or that some girls don’t have periods, or that not all people with periods were girls, or that my friends should get abnormal bleeding checked, or that infertility existed, what consent really meant- and so much more. Because what I was taught was purely what might happen if a girl had sex with a boy and didn’t wear a condom. This was over 14 years ago mind, but l am keen to hear YOUR STORIES as part of our Va Va Womb mission to build communities of story tellers and change makers. 

Whilst Va Va Womb is not a sex education platform it works with many organisations (including us at MRKH Connect!) to normalise the discussions around your body, sexual health and help promote body positivity.

This initiative is open to all who have a story to share and would like to contribute you can find out m ore information and where to sign up here 

Submissions close 10th Feb 2021!