ETC venues, 155 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3YD. Sat 19 March 2022 9.30am – 6.00pm

MRKH Connect is a proud community sponsor to this Conference for those interested in learning more about those options available to them and we feel sure this event, and others in their event series will be of interest to the MRKH community.

Who should attend?

  • Healthcare professionals with an interest in infertility or family building options
  • Parents via ED or surrogacy (2.40pm onwards)
  • Gay or heterosexual intended parents considering egg/sperm donation or surrogacy as a route to parenthood

Who will speak?

Parents, surrogates, donors, donor-conceived young adults, IVF professionals, counsellors, lawyers, migration agents and surrogacy professionals from around the globe

What does it cover?

  • The latest medical, psychological, legal and logistical issues of IVF, donor and surrogacy practice
  • Lived experience of parents, surrogates, donors & young adults via surrogacy
  • Countries & clinics available for third-party reproduction
  • Costs, success rates, risks, Covid vaccination, disclosure to children

Draft Program:

  • 9.40am: Family Building Journeys – The Key Steps
  • 10.00am: Egg Donor Options Globally
  • 10.20am: Egg&Sperm Quality – Important Factors Predicting Success
  • 10.40am: Surrogate – IP Matching in the US Context
  • Parallel sessions
    • 11.30am: Coming to Terms with Using Donor Eggs or Surrogacy
    • 11.30am: Surrogacy Options for LGBTQ Singles and Couples
    • 12.00pm: Surrogacy Programs for Heterosexual Couples and Single Women
    • 12.00pm: How does Canadian Surrogacy Work?
    • 12.20pm: Working with Surrogates & Donors from Different Cultures
    • 12.20pm: Embryo & Sperm Shipping vs In-Country Cycles
  • 12.40pm: Legal Protection for Intended Parents
  • Parallel Sessions
    • 2.00pm: Insurance Issues for Surrogacy
    • 2.00pm: COVID Vaccination
  • 2.25pm: Travel Documents, Citizenship & Passports for Newborns via Surrogacy
  • Parallel Sessions
    • 2.40pm: Surrogate and Donor Perspectives
    • 2.40pm: Legal Parentage
    • 3.30pm: Heterosexual Parent Panel
    • 2.20pm: LGBTI Parent Panel
  • 4.30pm: Who am I? Young Adults via Surrogacy or Donation Talk
  • 4.55pm: Bonding and Disclosure