Today is a day to wake up and see MRKH all over the news!

The first ever UK womb transplant has been completed with the first recipient having MRKH.

This amazing scientific feat, pioneered in Sweden, provides hope and inspiration for so many wishing to carry their own child but who cannot because of uterine factor infertility, of which MRKH is one cause.

We hope that these trials can start to provide perspective, an opportunity for education, and provoke a discussion on the important topic of infertility, MRKH and women’s health in general.

Watch this space for more and congratulations to the @womb_transplant_uk team!

Find out more across media outlets and congratulations to the amazing advocates from the MRKH community and beyond who have today been across TV, radio and newspapers sharing their thoughts on this and for everyone who has willed others on today as well.


View some of the advocate supported interviews across media today:

  • Ellamae: Good Morning Britain 7.02 am
  • Charlie: GB News 12.07pm
  • Laura: Jeremy Vine from 12pm