Tutum Journal first issue is here! 

Tutum Journal is a quarterly digital magazine by and for childless women. Useful as a resource to live through and beyond involuntary childlessness.

The Spring 2021 issue explores self-discovery. This issue is your guide to navigating life through a collection of narrative essays, interviews, and expert advice that will inspire and nurture your path to self-discovery.

In this issue MRKH is also featured!! Charlie, MRKH Connect Director, follows up on her and fellow MRKHer Susan’s interviews with Editor in Chief – Jobi Tyson, and both share their personal stories and some key facts and information about MRKH.

You can check our that and more by signing up for the first issue right now and why not then subscribe to more – Tutum First Issue

A great new and inspiring magazine for this often underrepresented community.