World Childless Week (11-17th September 2023) is now approaching its 7th year of raising awareness and bringing the childless not by choice community together across the globe.

World Childless Week aims to raise awareness of the childless not by choice (cnbc) community. To help the community to find support groups that understand their grief and can help them move forwards to acceptance. It’s for anyone who is childless despite their longing to be a parent because they have never been pregnant (for any reason), not carried full term or have suffered the sadness of a baby born sleeping. All our Champions and founder Steph, represent our audience.

We are here for you through the year, we get louder in September

By sharing our thoughts and stories we have reached 97 countries, helping people find support and know they are not alone.

Follow the link above to learn more about the event and the resources, events and webinars you can get involved in and be sure to follow @worldchildlessweek across social media.

This is a week for all.

Find more resources from our community by following the link to Life Without Children.